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Track the results here as Jiffy Lube® attempts to raise $1 million dollars in support of the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women® movement.

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Jiffy Lube Maintenance Partners For Life

Maintenance Partners for Life stresses the importance of being vigilant about both heart health and vehicle health - in order to keep both 'engines' running right!

Just as healthy eating habits and regular physical activity help keep a heart in good shape, proper preventive maintenance helps optimize the performance, value and longevity of a vehicle - before a potentially costly breakdown.

Go Red Heart Checkup Jiffy Lube is also helping the American Heart Association reach their goal of having 1 million women take the Go Red Heart CheckUp.
Click here to assess your heart health!

The following Car CheckUp is intended to help you assess how well you are maintaining your vehicle to keep it healthy and on the road. You will receive a printable report based on your responses to a few, basic questions about your car-care maintenance habits.

Let's get started!

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Go Red For Women
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Jiffy Lube Maintenance Partners for Life Campaign Helps Fight Heart Disease and Educate People on Maintaining a Healthy Heart and Vehicle

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